Time Well Spent

I cannot believe that we have completed this program! I will miss the discussion boards and reading your insightful blogs. This program was very interesting for me because I was able to apply the information that I gained immediately into my professional life. I chose to work with toddlers because it was the only age group that I had never worked with. I wanted to have experience with the entire spectrum of the preschool, ages two and a half to five year olds.

The Early Childhood Development class was very practical for me because I was able to use the information from that class in my toddler class. It made me a more competent toddler teacher. The other class that I found fascinating was the Instructional Strategies for Adult Learners class. I would love to be an adult trainer/instructor and the different learning theories and strategies were interesting and useful to know as a future adult instructor. The third class was the Capstone class. It made sense of all the classes that I had taken in the previous semesters and showed how relevant they were in the real world.

I hope to become an instructor at a community college and continue in the early childhood education field. My long term goal is to continue to help children access early childhood programs wherever I am.  I have enjoyed interacting with all of you in our blackboard discussions and blogs. I will always be thankful for your interesting views on the different topics that we worked on. You all pushed me to become a better teacher, communicator and student. I hope to collaborate with you in the near future.

Dr. Embree, you have been a great teacher and you have pushed me to do the best that I can. Thank you for your patience! I have enjoyed this class and I will definitely keep you posted on my future endeavors.

My email is fidelisrague@yahoo.com . Thank you all and God bless!


2 thoughts on “Time Well Spent

  1. Teresa Motley says:

    I really enjoyed having you in many of my classes. I hope you continue to reach all of your goals. Good Luck!!


  2. Marla Hatrak says:

    I agree. I thoroughly enjoyed all of the discussion boards and would usually look forward to seeing others’ responses. I likewise enjoyed the Early Childhood Development because although I knew a few things about developmental milestones, I had no idea how strongly interconnected the process of developing cognitive, social-emotional, and other milestones is. Good luck with your future endeavors.


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