Professional Hopes and Goals

One hope that I have when working with children from diverse backgrounds is that I will be able to nurture all of them to be more aware of the importance of diversity and how by learning about each other we can learn to respect  each other’s culture while holding on to our own. This is important because I would like everyone to find out about their own culture as this will help them develop a positive self -identity and once they have this it is easier to accept others without losing themselves. This will give the children motivation to succeed academically as a result of a confident cultural identity.

One goal I would like to set for the early childhood field is the need for everyone to have culturally competent classrooms and programs. This can come about if all of them take diversity and equity classes and ensure that they impart their knowledge to the diverse communities that make up their programs.

I would like to thank all my colleagues and of course, Dr. Horton, for all the stimulating and thought provoking discussions and posts and I wish all of you all the best in your future classes.


One thought on “Professional Hopes and Goals

  1. Kristi Haas says:

    Thank you so much for bringing your perspective and insights to this class and being so willing to share them with all of us. It is my beleif that there is only one significant way in which we can truly make an impact and that is to share what we have learned in this class through our actions and words. We are where change starts and social injustices begin to end! Thank you again for all that you have helped me see in these past few weeks and good luck to you as you continue through the rest of your courses!


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