Perspectives on Diversity and Culture

For this assignment on Perspectives on Diversity and culture, I interviewed my colleague, who is French, my son, and a friend who is from the Philippines.

Catherine, who is from France, defined culture as language, customs, beliefs, clothing, specific foods and the way we eat that food. She clarified this by stating that we all have similar foods but we eat it differently. She defined diversity as the differences in ethnicity, language, cultures, sexual orientation and religion.

Maxima, who is from the Philippines, described culture as the customs handed down from our ancestors; the foods we eat, the traditional clothes, our way of life. She described diversity as the different races that live together and the different religious beliefs that we have.

Mateo, my son, described culture as shared values beliefs and practices within a group of people. He described diversity as different people with different life experiences and different world views and values living and working together.

I feel that all the answers on the definition of culture combined lead to part of Gonzales-Mena’s (Laureate Education, 2011) definition of culture which is “a set of unconscious rules that govern everything we do that we learn early on”. The descriptions above all describe the surface culture that we see every day.

The descriptions of diversity were very broad and did not break down the specific differences such as gender, age, sexual orientation, and class.

Having listened to the different descriptions of diversity, it dawned on me that in order to understand other cultures better, it is important to show some interest in learning about the “deeper culture” of the cultures concerned.


One thought on “Perspectives on Diversity and Culture

  1. I would like to have been in the room when this discussion was taking place. You had such a diverse group of respondents, and I love hearing how people define culture. I ended up in some very interesting discussions with the young people I talked to for this assignment, and I heard that it lead to a conversation among a couple of them later this week about feminism. I really enjoy sharing ideas and communicating together. Thank you for sharing this!


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