Research that Benefits Children and Families- Uplifting Stories

Without research we would never have imagined the importance of Early Childhood Development programs (ECD). There has been extensive research in this field which has demonstrated that the ECD programs benefit children, families and also the communities. This led to government funded Head Start Programs, and government subsidies for families that were unable to afford to send their children to high quality early childhood education program.

Through research we know that the foundation of a thriving middle class is access to a high-quality early childhood education program for all children.  The World Bank study on the benefits of early childhood development programs clearly shows the benefits of early childhood education. According to World Bank (2011) report, the benefits of ECD interventions can be found in the following areas:

  • Higher intelligence scores
  • Higher and timelier school enrollment
  • Less grade repetition
  • Higher school completion rates
  • Improved nutrition and health status
  • Improved social and emotional behavior
  • Improved parent –child relationships
  • Increased earning potential and economic self- sufficiency as an adult
  • Increased female labor force participation

“If we make high-quality preschool available to every child, not only will we give our kids a safe place to learn and grow while their parent s go to work; we will give them the start that they need to succeed in school, and earn higher wages, and form more stable families of their own” (President Barack Obama, May 29, 2015)


The World Bank, (2011.Benefits of Early learning Programs. Retrieved from


2 thoughts on “Research that Benefits Children and Families- Uplifting Stories

  1. Betsy Vassallo says:

    Hi Fidelis,
    Thank you for sharing the research from the World Bank that so clearly outlines the benefits of early childhood development programs throughout the world and for sharing President Obama’s quote. Hopefully, more and more research will become available on the benefits of high quality early childhood programs, so much so that governments and businesses will no longer be able to ignore the early childhood sector and the value of the professionals working within it.


  2. Research helps families and educator to provide a fun and safe learning environment. I use research to help guide me in teaching my students and being a great mom.


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