My Personal Research Journey

I started my research journey by choosing to research the topic of “Immigrant families and their access or lack thereof to early childhood programs”.  I had three sub-topics that I wished to explore, these were:

  1. Immigrants’ backgrounds, languages and cultures: How do these factors affect their ability to assimilate in the American society? Some immigrants have smooth transitions and others do not. This ability/inability affects their participation in early childhood programs and care.
  2. What are the factors that impede the ability of some immigrants to access the high-quality early childhood programs in care and education?
  3. Ways to ensure that the resources available for childcare and education are reaching immigrant communities.

I have chosen to focus on the second topic, to research more on factors that impede the immigrant families’ ability to access the high-quality early childhood programs in care and education.

Working on the “Understanding Research Chart”, I now understand the relevance of choosing questions and researching those questions in detail as opposed to working on a broad subject and being unable to do justice to the questions in great detail.

If anyone has any links, resources and any insight on this topic please share them with me. It is always great to have input from others.

I am looking forward to working on this research program.


4 thoughts on “My Personal Research Journey

  1. Fidelis – I am eager to learn from your research simulation as we have learned together in our last coursework. I have selected diversity and how to promote culturally inclusive practices into my preschool program and I will be able to learn from your knowledge as well. If I have the resources and skills to understand the immigrant families in my local area – and why or why not they have access to quality programs – I can adapt my practice to work to reach new and under-served audiences. Kudos Fidelis I look forward to reading more!


  2. I am eagered to read your research response. I know that there will be a lot of new information that I will learn. Some immigrant families doesn’t have adequate access to materials that we have. There should be something done to get this access.


  3. Wow this sounds fantastic. I know many programs we read about in our last class mentioned the tight knit community feeling in some areas that would rely on each other for child care instead of using ECE programs. Changing ideas and feelings on this could prove to be very helpful. I am anxious to see where this goes.


  4. Fidelis,

    My topic, Cultural barriers and how they affect family partnerships, may intertwine with yours over the course of the next few weeks. I would be happy to share information that seems useful to you. I too think this is a very important topic as the reality is we face more and more cultural differences within our classrooms and families and we need to examine what that means for us as professionals and how we can better support ALL families.

    Nicole Zarilla


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