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The website I chose was the National Institute for Early Education Research (NIEER) because it has up to date information and research on early education.The Institute offers independent research based advice and technical assistance to policy makers, educators and researchers. In their mission statement they describe their goals:

“The Institute’s research program aims to :

  • Provide a vision of early education excellence in terms that are usable by policy makers and understandable to the general public
  • Monitor and evaluate national and state progress toward early educational excellence
  • Develop and analyze model legislation, standards, regulations and other policies required to improve quality and increase access to good preschool programs
  • Explain the costs, outcomes and economic benefits of alternative policies

The Institute works with state and national policy makers and other organizations to :

  • Collect, archive and disseminate information on the status of early education access and quality,exemplary practices and policy and public opinion
  • Develop research and communication strategies to fill gaps in knowledge and to effectively apply scientific knowledge to early education policy
  • Commission new research and analysis to be carried out by institute staff, visiting scholars and researchers at other institutions
  • Create a rapid response capacity to provide the media with an independent, research-based perspective on breaking news
  • Stimulate national and state discussions of early education policy
  • Partner with other organizations to develop a coherent national research agenda and to deliver and publicize vital information about early education”(

I like this site because  it has daily updates of “Early Education in the News” which covers daily news from all over the states. For example I just read that the Indianapolis Mayor signed the preschool scholarship program into law on March 11, 2015. This will come into effect in the 2015-2016 school year. This will provide children from low income families with quality preschool education.

I am looking forward to learning more about developments in the early childhood field from this website concerning access, assessment, economics and finance, English language learners, governance and accountability, outcomes, quality and curriculum, special education,state programs, universal and targeted(information about preschool programs, targeted to serve at risk children versus access for all children).



3 thoughts on “Sharing Web Resources

  1. Marla Hatrak says:

    Your choice of website was one of a number of websites I thought about highlighting. I like the website and should be subscribing to it too. I thought you would appreciate hearing the following as well:

    Mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio received $300 million in New York state budget to ensure universal pre-K for at least 50,000 children to attend pre-kindergarten — – free, full-day, city-wide. Mayor de Blasio also won funding for after-school programs for at least 70,000 middle-school children. More importantly, Mayor de Blasio also promised “high quality.” “It is a milestone of education reform” (The Editorial Board, 2014, ¶2).

    The Editorial Board. (September 1, 2014). Universal pre-K takes off. The New York Times. Retrieved from:


  2. This sounds like a very useful website to subscribe to, especially since connecting research to our programs is necessary to support effective, quality practice for early childhood educators. With gaps in standards of quality and state and national policy this sounds like an extremely important resource for the EC field.


  3. Marla,
    The web site I chose was SEDL and the portion on after school programs. We have just started one at our school and looking at ones in various places around the country or around the world may be helpful for collaborative works.


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