Relationship Reflection

I am not an extrovert, I value meaningful relationships. I invest a lot of time in every relationship that I am involved in and value each and everyone of them highly. The following are the people I have close relationships with:

  • My Parents: I have a great relationship with my parents. They live in Kenya and I talk to them every weekend. Before I married and moved to the U.S., I used to talk to my mother on a daily basis. We have maintained our close relationship by maintaining contact on a weekly basis by phone, skype and face-time. I am also fortunate enough to be able to visit them every year. I get lots of wonderful advice and words of wisdom from them and I am forever thankful for them.
  • My sisters and brother: I have six sisters and one brother and we are very, very close. We have a” whatsup” account that we use to communicate on a daily basis. We celebrate our children’s milestones (birthdays, graduations etc.)and support each other through tough times and good times. We hope our children will be as close as we are.
  • My husband Vincent: My husband and I have a great relationship. We have been married for twenty years and communication and patience have been the keys to our relationship.
  • My son Mateo: My son and I have a very close relationship. He is a junior in college and still allows me to have access to his grades and his college accounts. We talk almost everyday and he still asks for advice on relationships and college stuff. I love that he makes time for me when he home on his breaks and still enjoys going to the mall with me.
  • My best friend Kathy: Kathy is a former colleague.We hit it off because we both had husbands who travelled and spend a lot of time abroad for their work. We supported each other and connected our families. We talk everyday, and are always there for each other when we need rides to the doctors or the airport .

In all my relationships, I think the most important thing is the fact that we all make an effort to contact each other regularly, we know what each person values and we respect that, we are committed and loyal to each other. Having these relationships makes me feel like I am a part of a large family and not alone.I know I can call upon someone if I have a problem.

My personal relationships have helped me forge the same type of connections with my students’¬†parents. I get to talk to the ones who drop off and pick up their children and have developed great relationships with most of them. I send weekly emails to each parent with an update of their child’s week and I always get a response from them and the ones that I hardly ever see in school. I feel that relationships are maintained through constant communication.


2 thoughts on “Relationship Reflection

  1. This is such a wonderful relationship reflection. It reads like a great family story. I am assuming that your children and your siblings children are not all in the same country? I may be wrong in making such an assumption. If that is the case, I too, hope that your children will grow up the same as you and your siblings. It sounds as if your parents instilled some great things in your family.


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