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The following are the five people who nurtured and cared for me when I was a child.

 My grandmother Regina, and my grandfather Matayo ( Matthew in Swahili):

My grandmother took care of me from age four to six. My parents were going to study abroad and they could not take me with them as their stipend could not support a child. My grandparents stepped and up and offered to take care of me so that they could continue with their education. My grandparents taught me responsibility, the value of hard work, respect for elders and to put God first.

My aunt Rose:  Rose was ten years older than me and acted like my big sister. She took care of me and it was her responsibility to take me to school and bring me back while I lived with my grandparents. She always gave me advice on friendships and how to avoid getting into trouble. She continues to be one of my best friends.

My parents Phillip and Theresa: I have the most wonderful parents. They have eight children and each one of them is treated like they special. I am the eldest of eight and as such was treated differently because I had to set a good example to the rest. My parents reinforced the need for me to be responsible and to be respectful to elders and people in authority especially my teachers. I was encouraged to pursue whatever field I wanted and was always guaranteed their unwavering support. There was no gender bias in our home and everyone was given the same opportunities . This has helped me  to treat all the children that I teach the same and not to assign gender biases to their wishes and aspirations.

All the people above made me feel loved, safe and secure both emotionally and in the physical sense. They continue to inspire me to do more and become better at whatever I do and for that I will always be grateful to them.


5 thoughts on “Personal Childhood Web

  1. Four of my five people were family members, I look at younger people today and wonder if they had to name 5 people if the majority of them would be family members or people outside their family. I was not fortunate enough to have any biological grandparents growing up, you are very lucky to have two.


  2. Pleshette Watson says:

    Hello Fidelis,
    We have reached the end of this course and I would like to take this time to thank you for all your support during this challenging journey. I have enjoyed corresponding with you and learning a bit more about you. Hopefully we will meet again down the line. This has been a really great semester for me and it has been a pleasure to meet you. Again, thanks for all your kind words and support!


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