Linda’s Story

Linda was one of the three girls in my four year old classroom  four years ago. I had twelve children, ten of whom were boys. It was a very loud class!

Linda was very shy and very pretty. After some time we started noticing that her eyes were crossing. We spoke to her parents who said they had noticed that too but they were not sure as to whether she was doing that herself or whether she was developing a” lazy eye.” The doctors put a patch on the good eye to strengthen the “lazy eye’ but the eye kept getting worse. Finally the parents took her to a neurologist and a CT scan revealed an inoperable tumor at the back of her head. We were all dumbfounded by the news. All sorts treatments were tried but Linda’s health continued to slide downhill. She had to wear an eye patch permanently and she eventually lost sight in her eye and had to use a wheel chair because she could not walk without stumbling due to nerve damage. The children in the class were wonderful and and engaged her as if nothing had changed.  The parents ensured that the play dates were maintained. Within six months Linda lost her battle with cancer. She was the bravest little child that I know.  Her struggle and bravery will never leave my heart.


3 thoughts on “Linda’s Story

  1. Jamie says:

    Wow, that must have been a very difficult situation to go through. What a brave little girl. Have you stayed in touch with her family after her passing? I hope they are doing okay.


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